Since its creation, the Jean Perrin cheese dairy has paid particular attention to sharing skills and knowledge, and above all ensuring that they are passed on through the generations. Today, experience, high standards and precision are key elements at each stage of production.



Selecting high quality milk

We believe that milk quality it closely related to animal well-being and diet. We therefore pay close attention to monitoring and supporting each of our producers.


Making cheese the right way

The milk then needs to be processed to give each cheese its own specific flavour. Adding rennet, curdling, racking, moulding, pressing… at each stage of the process our master cheese-makers give their expertise and experience free rein. Thanks to their skill each cheese will develop its own texture and unique taste.


Careful cellar refining

Our refiners work hand-in-hand with time and give each cheese the care
and attention it needs in our cellars to refine and reach maturity
in the very best conditions. It is at this stage that the rind forms and the aromas will
be able to develop fully, giving each cheese its own character.

Simple enjoyment

With a drink, in a meal or on a cheese board, cold or hot…

Enjoy with alone or with friends and family, as you choose!